03 November 2009

Milwaukee's Olmstead Designed Boulevard Recognized

Newberry Boulevard Named “Great Street” *

The American Planning Association has named Milwaukee’s East Newberry Boulevard as one of America’s “10 Great Streets.” The designation, made through APA’s Great Places in America program, singled out Newberry as an iconic example of the boulevard planning concepts espoused by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead Sr., who designed Lake and Riverside parks in Milwaukee (and Central Park in New York City). The designation also noted the outstanding concentration of architecturally distinguished homes, built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, that line E. Newberry Boulevard. The 12-block street showcases 101 fine residences and represents a veritable catalogue of residential styles, according to APA. Newberry was Milwaukee’s second boulevard, designated as such in 1897. Highland Boulevard was the first, designated two years earlier.

To learn more about APA’s Great Places program, click here:

- From City of Milwaukee Press Release, DCD Commisioner Rocky Marcoux

* I can agree with this designation as for several years I lived one block from this magnificent Boulevard that connects two Olmstead designed parks - one park on each end, Lake Park and Riversde. Originally designed to beautiful for promenading (walking) along and carraige riding. It is still magnificent street that can be enjoyed by walking and biking.

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