06 February 2011

How Old Is That Tree?

How old is that tree?  It is one of the many Live Oaks that line Jones Street in Savannah Georgia.  I took a few pictures that day because I was studying the homes for authentic historical accuracy, but I didn't pay attention to the tree till today.  The historic plaque on the house to the left says it was built 1861.  The house on the right is similar vintage.  Could the tree be similar in same age?  This street has to be one of the most beautiful residential streets in North America.  The picture was taken December 20th, 2010.  These homes are in the Savannah Landmark Historic District - one of many historic districts in Savannah.  It is also one the oldest designated historic districts in the United States.

Below are a few more pictures from that block (yes that is a real gas lamp in the picture):

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