16 January 2012

15 Ways Your Home Can Make You Infertile

By: Eric Hagerman, This Old House online

Making a Healthy Home

“Getting pregnant isn't always as easy as it looks on TV. Some 7.3-million American women have trouble becoming pregnant or staying pregnant. Doctors can't explain what's wrong for about 10 percent of the couples who can't conceive, and some experts suspect the culprit is all around us: environmental contaminants, particularly in the home.

That may help explain why male sperm counts are dropping, and it's a fact that the male contributes to infertility about 40 percent of the time. Toxins in your couch, vinyl floor, and other spots where you may have made attempts to expand your family could be throwing a wrench in your reproductive works. As much as we like to see home as a benevolent vessel of our dreams, the materials and chemicals they're made of and furnished with—from flame-retardant cushions to Teflon pans—can quash those dreams. Here's what to look for, and what you can do about it.”

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A lot of good mini subjects about household items to avoid. We have known most of their bad effects for other reasons. Now there are more reasons people wanting to have children should avoid them.

“Soy: Doesn’t Bring Joy” – This one that surprised me, worth reading.

Natural mattresses are not as hard to find as it may seem. They might not be readily available from your semi-local big box or discount furniture store. Our daughter has a natural mattress made from cotton, wool and latex. We bought it from USA Baby and didn’t need to look forever to find it. The mattress was in stock, the crib was ordered out.

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