30 August 2009

Healthy Living and Working 1

Today’s media has picked up on the new term “Green”. In the 1980’s the word green was always associated with a color. Now when someone mentions green people usually think about things that are good for the environment. It is seems that the marketing gurus all over the nation have decided that it is trendy to be “Green”. You can now buy such things as eco friendly “Green” disposable plates. Or you can buy “Green” (partially recycled) PVC decking for your back porch.

Being “Green” does not mean going to the store to buy anything labeled “green” just because some marketing team decided that it had recycled content in it. Being green is all about lifestyle. If you are truly concerned about the environment you will never buy disposable dinnerware. You will also not purchase PVC anything for your house. Going back to those first days of environmentalism of the 1970’s, I remember all those little things I learned in school and I have built upon that with all my life decisions. In the future I hope to write topics that will enlighten everyone on how to be environmentally responsible in the built environment. Keep checking back…

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