15 September 2009

Mass Transit Link

Q: What makes the United States look like a third world country? 
A: Our lack of national and regional mass transit. 
Some metro areas should be acknowledged for their success: San Francisco, New York City and Washington D.C.  It is a pitty that people keep protesting against mass transit.  In Europe it is possible to get to almost every corner of a nation by using mass transit.

Article: Mass transit can change lives

Note: Some third world countries do have mass transit.

Remember that not all Americans are physically and financially fit enough to own a well maintained automobile.  There also many Americans that will feel financially liberated if they could sell their car and live car free.  I remember my first visit to San Francisco and asking the hotel what parking accomodations they had.  Their response was "none" and he proceeded to tell me that I should not rent a car because it is a big hassle and easier to use the city's transit system.  I thank him for the advise (and cost saving) as we had no problem getting around, including going out to the wine country.

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