02 December 2009

Correction - Big Ed

Correction - The now former GM CEO Fritz Henderson is not "Big Ed the Texan" who publicly proclaimed he knows nothing about cars - that is Ed "Big Ed" Whitaker. Big Ed IS the Chairman of the Board of GM and now the interim CEO. Big Ed is the former CEO of AT&T whom is responsible for the current organization of it. Fritz Henderson was a life long GM employee/executive whom apparently could not shake off his GM family and atmosphere fast enough to satisfy the Board. Just a note, I read a recent story saying that AT&T has earned the status of having possibly the worst customer service this year (of any service providing company - not just phone). Big Ed was instrumental in setting up the current AT&T corporate hierarchy - that was listed as his greatest achievement to date.

Why do I update people on the status of GM? This is supposed to be a blog about architecture, urban community and environmentally friendly living. As one of the largest manufacturers of automobiles and other transportation vehicles, GM has probably the worst environmental track record of any its competitors. It has to be ordered by federal and state governments to clean up its act. It is now marketing itself as "green friendly" (see green washing definition) because it is trendy. Its lobbyists fight all types of governmental laws aimed at improving fuel economy, reducing emissions and increasing public transportation. If GM were truly concerned it would quickly address these issues and prove that it can exceed any proposed government regulations instead of fighting them. The choice, eight months ago, to hire Fritz Henderson as CEO and Big Ed the Texan as Chairman were amongst those bad GM decisions - no matter who made the decisions. GM and a few other large corporations are fighting against ideals that are important in this blog.

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