10 July 2010

Fiat Introduces Lowest Polluting Gasoline Powered Car

On July 7th, Fiat introduced the 500 TwinAir.  It has the lowest carbon dioxide output of any production car.  The .9 liter 2 cylinder 85 hp engine is capable of providing the 500 with a top speed of 108 mph and 0 to 60 mph time of under 11 seconds.  Nothing earth shattering here but the 500 will get over 57 mpg and a CO2 output of 92 to 97 g/km. 

To put this in perspective, a Harley Davidson motorcycle gets less than 40 mpg and some models can't break 100 mph but their engines are about 1.3 liters (and are 2 cylinders).  And judging by the smell of the exhaust, they pollute substantially.  Also many sport utility and full size v-8 powered trucks can not exceed 105 mph.  The Smart car, a two passenger car, has a three gas cylinder engine and does not acheive these stats.  The Fiat 500 is a four passenger car, somewhat larger inside than the new Mini.

Think of Cities filled with cars like this - the pollution will be extremely reduced.  Rumors are around that Toyota is prepping a competitor.  Also rumor has it that this engine will not be available in the 500's sold in the U.S.  Well we can hope that the future will change this.

See Fiat's Think Twin website

Also a Fiat 500 update.  The last Chrysler PT Cruiser rolled off the assembly line in Toluca Mexico.  That plant wil begin retooling for production of the Fiat 500 bound the North, Central and South American markets.  We should be seeing Fiat 500s by the end of this year.  Fiat is begining the process of selecting franchises in 41 states and having them upgrade for special showrooms and other facilities.  Most of the Fiat dealerships will be within major Urban Centers.

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