21 July 2010

Gas Tax – Do It!

Politicians have to accept the fact that funding for paying for transportation projects needs to come from increased gas tax. We need to stop paying for transportation projects out of our income taxes, sales taxes and user fees.

It is time to make the people and corporations that CHOOSE to use the roads the most pay for it in every gallon of fuel they use.

1. This will penalize those who chose to drive less fuel efficient vehicles.
2. It will benefit those that choose to drive more efficient vehicles and/or use alternative fuel.
3. It will penalize those who chose to drive more miles per year than the average person.
4. It will benefit those who drive less and seek alternative modes of transportation.
5. It will penalize those people and corporations for choosing less efficient means of product transportation – i.e.: truck transportation vs. train transportation.
6. It will benefit those that choose train transportation and those that purchase and produce locally.

Other countries believe in using the gas tax as the only source of transportation funding. These are the countries with the best railroads and mass transit systems. They are also the countries with the most fuel efficient cars. These are often the countries where people have the freedom to choose to buy a car – they are not required to be dependent on a car as their only source of transportation.

Of course I will be looking for all those reductions in my other taxes and fees.  It should be very noticeable.

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