27 October 2010

Urban Tree House, er Urban Recreation Equipment

Great article from the AP (via Yahoo) Artist builds a tree house in her backyard in a historic district in New York City's Greenwich Village and at least one neighbor apparently doesn't like it.  It is a townhouse neighborhood so the tree house can not be seen from the street.  If there was a Better Tree Houses and Tree Gardens or Tree House Digest this would definitely be a prize winning design.
As the article mentions, it was legally defined as "recreational equipment" to avoid building code compliance and historic district conformity.  This was after five years of fighting the city.  It is unfortunate that when one is designed and built this well that most municipalities can usually find a way to fine the owner and order its removal.  Hooray to NYC for allowing it to remain.  Now, can I legally pull this off in my massive maple tree in Milwaukee?  Guess I would find out what neighbors didn't like me because the code compliance inspectors here are to busy to discover it on their own.

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