11 November 2010

Milwaukee Alderpersons Support High Speed Rail

Despite what Governor Elect Walker wants, the majority of Milwaukee Alderpersons support the federally funded high speed rail system.  The Governor Elect wants the federal money to be spent on Highways and not mass transit.  The allocated money, if Wisconsin refuses it, will not go to Wisconsin, it will be re-allocated to another state.  We will also become the brunt of jokes nationwide as is already beginning - many states want this money and many of them are jealous we have it.

I want to make a simple point that everyone (including republican politicians) should be able to understand.  If I give my my money involuntarily to another entity, and there is an opportunity for some of it to come back to me, I want it.  For example if I pay Uncle Sam a $1000 (this is an example, not the actual amount) and he decides to give me $50 back for a darn good reason, I will not refuse; because if I refuse it, Uncle Sam is going to give it to another guy in a different state.  I certainly don't want some newly elected dimwit telling Uncle Sam that me and 5.6 million other Wisconsinites don't want our share of a few billion dollars.  Especially after our current Governor and many Mayors worked very, very hard to get it.

As far as job creation goes - I have one neighbor who is very busy setting up the manufacturing facility to build the high speed rail cars.  I am sure if it proceeds as planned many people will find themselves involved, even I could be involved with designing one of the train stations.

I do not know why the manual on "How to be a Good Republican" says "thou shall hate high speed rail and all forms of mass transit".


  1. @Dave Reid
    Thanks, corrected. Jusy anxious for the light rail systems too.